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TifBlair for Property Owners

TifBlair sod and seed for homeowners, property managers and commercial developers

TifBlair for Owners
TifBlair for Turfgrass Professionals

TifBlair certified centipede is better for your budget, your business and your customers.

TifBlair for Installers
TifBlair Certified Centipede Grass should be your next choice for a showcase, low maintenance lawn application.  TifBlair centipede is perfect for applications involving home landscaping, roadside remediation,commercial lawns, erosion control and more.  Available as sod and seed, you get the only certified centipedegrass - TifBlair - perfect for your budget and application. more on TifBlair Advantages

The Simplest Turfgrass for Lawns

Is Now Better!

Exceptional Late Season Color and Quality
Developed Especially for Low pH Soils
Cold Hardy Enough For Northern Climates
Adapts Remarkably Well To Dry Conditions
Improved Plant Vigor Shortens Grow-In Time

TifBlair Certified Centipedegrass provides

  • Faster germination and much quicker coverage
  • Excellent winter tolerance in the middle to lower South
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Super Wrapped for easier spreading
  • Low fertility requirements
  • Drought tolerant and fast recovery from lack of water
  • Needs less mowing and easier to mow
  • The most Environmentally Friendly warm season grass

TifBlair Certification

cert_smallTifBlair has been exclusively licensed to The Turfgrass Group, Inc (TTG) and its sublicensees for sod production. Along with the Georgia Seed Development Commission, TTG is responsible for overseeing the propagation and sale of TifBlair [Read More]

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As we transition to our new green and yellow logo (at left) you may still see the blue TifBlair logo (at right).  The TifBlair Certified Centipede seed and sod are the same.  The logo is the only difference